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Let us help your child master their milestones.

FEAT /fēt/ (n.) 

an achievement that requires great courage, skill or strength

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Torticollis & Plagiocephaly

We teach handling & positioning for

tight neck muscles & flat heads



We specialize in facilitating development milestones & educate families on play

Tip Toe Walking

We help with tip toe walking, as well as shoe & orthotic recommendations



We come up with creative exercises for core and full body strengthening


& Balance

We help with making your chid stable & strong so they stay on their feet!



We provide check ins for milestones

& give access to local list of developmental specialist 

Baby's Feet

Wondering what developmental milestone

your child should be performing next?

Is your child crawling funky or

not walking yet?

Do you need alternative

tummy time positions?

Is your child constantly tripping &

bumping into things?

Is your child walking on their tip toes often?

DON'T wait and see

& DON'T google it

Baby's Feet

Meet Dr. Nikki 

Doctor of Physical Therapy &

Founder of Little Feats Physical Therapy

Meet Dr. Nicole Galluzzo, but most call her Ms. Nikki, She is the founder of LITTLE FEATS PHYSICAL THERAPY. Her passion of playing with babies and toddlers makes it hard to believe this is her every day job!


She was born & raised on Long Island (Lawn-guy-land as she pronounces it) and spent her college years down south in Alabama. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and was a part of Auburn University's collegiate gymnastics team. As an athlete, she experienced the benefits of physical therapy first hand.


She recently moved to Philadelphia and is available for home visits! Dr. Nikki is animated, super silly, and always talks with her hands.


She loves helping kiddos achieve their milestones and overcome any little feat! She’s also committed to educating and supporting families through the process. She is in the process of becoming a pediatric clinical specialist in the physical therapy profession taking her career to the next level!



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Schedule a Free Consultation

Little Feats Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services, including evaluation and treatment, as well as wellness consultations. Please schedule a free phone consultation to chat with Dr. Nikki to find out which service will benefit you and your little one.    

Baby Yoga

15 Minute

Let's chat to see how my physical therapy or wellness services can support you and your little one learn and grow during development.

Baby Boy

Physical Therapy 
& Wellness

Check out what other services we offer such as our evaluations, wellness services and our milestone check-in packages.


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Kids Running

"My 4 y.o son worked with Ms. Nikki for physical therapy over teletherapy. She was constantly involved in his development, making sure that we had programs to work on both during the sessions and during our day to day lives. He, much to my surprise, not only didn't regress, but actually made amazing progress during our quarantine. I continue to use Ms. Nikki's therapy ideas and programs with my son, as he enjoys them and integrates them into his daily routine. I even use some of her techniques for my younger son and he loves them, as well!"

M.J.'s Mom

Happy Baby

"When we began Teletherapy for my son, I couldn't possibly imagine how it was going to work out or how he was going to remain engaged trying to strengthen himself from our home. Ms. Nikki made the entire experience enjoyable for both him and myself. She created individualized programs for him based on his interests. He became so excited for each of her sessions to see what incredible ideas she came up with next. She is a remarkable in-person physical therapist and an equally incredible at teletherapy."

Will's Dad

Mother with her Child

"Ms. Nikki uses her vast knowledge of physical therapy to think outside the box in order to target each child's individual needs in a way they find fun and enjoyable. Her enthusiastic personality along with her gentle demeanor makes each kid want to come back time after time."

Mrs. Andrea, DPT

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