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Dr. Nikki's Services

In-home Visits Available in South Jersey

(Medford, Mt Laurel, Voorhees... inquire about your area)

Virtual Available Anywhere

Mother and Daughter

FREE Phone Consultation

Let's chat virtually about how my services can support you and your child's needs. I want to understand your concerns and address them so you feel confident in your child's development.

15 minutes




Physical Therapy Evaluation

A 1:1 assessment to initially evaluate your child's physical development. This includes an assessment of your child's mobility, posture, strength, balance, coordination and overall function.

60 minutes

In-Home $200* Virtual $175

A full medical history will be obtained and a discussion of your child's strengths and areas of weakness will be discussed in order to implement an individualized plan of action. 

Baby Stretches

Wellness Consultation

A wellness consultation is to help educate you and your family on your child's development. Although this is provided by a pediatric physical therapist it is important to note this is not a physical therapy session. 

60 minutes

In-Home $200* Virtual $175

This is an opportunity to discuss tips & tricks of developmental and play tailored to your child and situation in order to keep your child on track.

Red Head Baby

Physical Therapy Follow-up

This is 1:1 session performed after the initial evaluation. It will focus on guiding your children through play-based activities to address their developmental needs.

50 minutes

In-Home $175* Virtual $130

A personalized treatment plan will be curated for your child that may include therapeutic handling techniques to facilitate muscle activation, & play-based exercises to improve development.

*In-home visits are subject to a Travel Fee if out of travel radius  

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