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Pediatric physical therapists are movement experts that can evaluate and record developmental progress to kids under 21, from newborns to teenagers. We use exercises and functional play to address movement concerns related to development, chronic conditions, pain and/or injuries. We educate families and caregivers about motor development, and ensure there are no mysteries to your child’s physical well being as they grow. We can help guide you to unraveling the mystery behind development.


This is ONLY a developmental guide; all babies develop at their own pace.

Please reach out to Dr. Nikki with questions on your child's development​.

Rotates head side to side

+ holds head up on belly 

3 months

6 months

Transitions in/out of sitting

+ Rocks on hands & knees

8 months

Pulls to stand + stands independent

+ cruises on furniture

10-12 months

5 years old

 Alternating feet up/down stairs

+ catches a ball with hands

4 years old

3 years old

11-16 months

9 months

7 months

5 months

 Jumping off ground

2 years old

Consistently rolling both way

+ Piivoting on belly

Pushes up on arms on belly + Supported Sitting 

Sits independent + may side sit

+ Army crawling


Walking independent  

Alternating feet up stairs

+ Throws a ball overhand/underhand 

 Hops on 1 foot + skips



  • Baby may look to one side also known as Torticollis (ASAP)

  • Baby has head flattening (ASAP prior to 5 mo) 

  • Baby feels very floppy or stiff

  • Trouble lifting head during tummy time (by 3 mo)

  • Delayed Milestones

    • rolling (by 6 mo)

    • sitting (by 7 mo)

    • crawling (by 9-10 mo)

    • walking (by 16 mo)

    • jumping (by 26 months)

  • Motor skills are asymmetrical/uses one side of body more than the other (not in regard to hand preference)

  • Child walks on their toes more than 80% of the time over 2 years of age

  • In-toeing or out-toeing causing tripping/falling 

Baby's Grasp
Baby With Shoes


ATTENTION all busy parents! We come to YOU during our in-home sessions so it's easy! We work around YOUR schedule! Keeping the child in a familiar environment can be beneficial to learning and it's easy to carry over what you or your child has learned.  

Since COVID, Virtual sessions have been on a rise, but let me tell you a secret, Virtual therapy is flexible, consistent and convenient! It is designed around a busy families schedule and allows the parent to become the therapist all through a little instruction. I have the same results in person or virtual.

Let's get you on the schedule. 

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